• multilingual education: MA in conference interpreting at the University of Vienna (Spanish – Italian – German)
  • bachelor´s degree in translation and interpreting at the University of Vienna with elective subject International Development (Spanish – Italian – German)
  • several years of practical experience and work as interpreter and technical translator as well as in the field of adult education (trainer for German, Spanish and Italian) and proofreading

  • Spanish- and Italian-speaking background because of longer stays in other European countries (Spain and Italy) as well as South America (Peru)
  • quality by continuing education (for example vocal training, technical terminology, methodology of studying languages, legal interpreting)
  • member of Austrian Interpreters´ and Translators´ Association (UNIVERSITAS Austria)
  • voluntary activity: volunteer at pilot project “Tourismusförderung durch Englisch-Unterricht in Magdalena de Cao, Peru” (tourism development by giving English classes in Magdalena de Cao, Peru)

References (extract)

Interpreting and translating:


  • Criminal Investigation Department, prisons and courts
  • Federal Office for Immigration and Asylum, Vienna
  • Embassy of Colombia, Vienna
  • Hospitals and health centers in Vienna and Lower Austria
  • LoKa – Latin-American and Austrian intercultural exchange
  • Agencies in other European countries, mainly in Spain and Italy

Language training:


  • Trainer in adult education: Italian, Spanish and “Berufsreifeprüfung” (Secondary School Vocational Certificate) in the subject German
  • English Trainer in a primary school in Peru (volontary work)
  • Single and group training for individuals or companies (German, Italian, Spanish)

Sandra Götz
Sandra Götz, MA
Sprachen leben. Since 2010, Sandra Goetz is a freelance interpreter, translator, text writer and teacher. I love and live my profession and I do it with great passion. I have always felt an irrepressible fascination for this beautiful world of languages. I work with heart and mind. But most importantly, I know how to use my know-how.
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