The finishing touch

Poor style, typos or outright spelign misteaks make a unprofessional impression and low-quality texts are the sign of a poor brand. Always remember that everything you write reflects your company’s approach to quality.

Another advantage for you is that, as a translator, I am automatically an expert in German, and I am happy to offer you professional editing services for your business communication.

Out with the mistakes, in with the good grammar and spelling: I can optimise your German-language texts in terms of their content, style and register. With a meticulous eye for detail.


German texts to a tee

The cost for your text to be edited or proofread (if I only have to check your text for grammatical and spelling errors) depends on the scope, difficulty and number of errors. I need the following information to prepare an accurate quote:

  • Approximate length of the German text (word count)
  • Ideal delivery date
  • The text or a sample of the text to determine the approximate amount of time needed
  • What kind of service you would like: proofreading or editing