Looking for a court interpreter?

Then look no further. As a sworn court interpreter for the German-Spanish language combination, I speak for you – in good times and bad times: at the registry office and in court, during hearings and when witnesses are being questioned, when meeting with the authorities, for notarial deeds, and for consultations with lawyers or tax advisors. These are all times when you need to understand and be understood. I help you have your voice heard, and you can rest assured that nothing gets lost in translation.

I am your mouthpiece

As a court interpreter for German and Spanish, having completed the appropriate training and passing a challenging exam, I am highly qualified and trustworthy in light of the statutory confidentiality obligations to which I am bound. Whether I am interpreting for you at a private function or when interacting with the authorities, only the right words make the language of your legal matters unimpeachable.

My voice for you

Loud and clear: I can also interpret for you at business meetings and international conferences. As a consecutive interpreter – by listening, taking notes and then subsequently interpreting what was said. And as a simultaneous interpreter – by sitting in a booth, wearing headphones to hear what is being said and almost simultaneously interpreting this using a microphone.

  • Consecutive interpreting: from Spanish into German and from German into Spanish
  • Simultaneous interpreting: from Spanish, Italian and English into German