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The following information can be used as orientation.




The price for a translation is calculated as requested either using the number of lines or the number of words of the target text (standard line with 55 characters including spaces) and depends on several factors:


  • subject and level of difficulty
  • length of the text
  • time of research
  • urgency (desired delivery date)


Line price: between € 1.25 and € 1.95
Price per word: between 15 and 25 cents
I am not a translation agency. As a result of this direct procurement, you don´t need to pay expensive agency fees.

For being able to provide you a detailed, non-binding offer, please send the source text as well as your desired delivery date to:


Interpreting (simultaneous or consecutive interpreting):


Interpreting jobs are usually paid by daily rates. In the case of short assignments, special agreements measured in hours may be concluded.


Factors of payment of interpreting jobs:


  • based on type and total length of the interpreting job
  • include technical and terminological preparation
  • travel costs
  • possible accomodation expenses for jobs in other European countries (Germany, Italy etc.)


On request, I would be happy to provide you a non-binding offer for free and will discuss each step of the interpreting job with you. Please keep in mind that, depending on the technical field of your event, an appropriate preparation time is needed, which will be included in your offer.


Proofreading and editing of German texts:


For a concrete offer, please send your text or an excerpt as well as your desired delivery date to:

All prices are in Euros and subject to VAT.

Finally an important hint:


The professional title “Translator” or “Interpreter” is not legally protected. Therefore, it is possible to practice this profession without having prior education or corresponding exams in this field. Inadequate translations and interpreting jobs by laypersons not only cause excessive costs, but also significant image loss. Unfortunately, a lot of clients still think, that “bilingualism” is an indicator for a competent translator or interpreter. This is usually not the case. Translating and interpreting are very complex activities that have to be studied within education. Excellent language skills are “just” the prerequisite for that. Therefore: Have a closer look! In the end, your texts represent your company.


A guarantee for professionalism and quality of translators and interpreters offers inter alia:


  • membership in professional associations like UNIVERSITAS Austria
  • designations like “sworn and certified court interpreter” that can only be obtained by exam
  • title that is obtained by university degree (MA in translation and interpreting studies, etc.).