Text corrections and proofreading of German texts

Text corrections and proofreading of German texts


A text only gets credible, when it is written correctly.


Have you ever read a menu full of mistakes and as a logical culinary conclusion you had an uncomfortable feeling and expected terrible food? Or did you ever get an email from your business partner in an unfeeling design with total disregard of the German language so that you immediately had serious doubts concerning the sender´s effort and interest?


Either way, whether business related or for personal reason. A text full of mistakes means bad advertising. Your texts have an effect, charisma and give information about your (technical) skills.


In the course of text corrections, I can provide a 100% guarantee that your texts will correspond to current orthographic, grammatical and syntactic requirements. In other words: no comma where it is not needed, no grammatical error overread and we will consistently and strictly observe new German spelling applied since 2006. After all, your communication should always be up-to-date.




You are also looking for the right style?


You don´t want us to simply have a look at supposed errors? You also want the style level to be optimized and wrong connections regarding content shall be recognized and eliminated? No problem. I give structure to your creative chaos, ban empty phrases and static listings. If desired, your contents will be made more exciting so that your words will shine. Profoundly entertaining, technically confident or of premium standard – you define content and decide about the right design of your text. I will put it into practice.


Corrections of your German diploma thesis, term paper, dissertation etc.


Upon presentation of a school or student card, pupils and students will get special conditions, of course. Just contact me!

For providing a concrete offer I need the following information:


  • estimated total length of your text (number of words/pages)
  • desired delivery date
  • text/sample text so that I can determine the approximate time necessary
  • processing as requested (only proofreading or editing)