Certified translations | Court interpreter for German and Spanish

Do you need to have a birth certificate, marriage certificate or diploma translated? Do you need a court interpreter? Do you want to outsource specialist legal or medical translations with peace of mind?

Hola, ciao & hello – My name is Sandra Götz, your translator for German, Spanish, Italian and English. I am here for you in person in Austria and digitally for the rest of the world. Tailored linguistic work with the personal touch. Since 2010.

You have my word. Which is accepted everywhere.

Certified translations
Authenticity signed, sealed and delivered.

From Spanish into German and from German into Spanish: As a sworn and court-certified interpreter in Austria, I am authorised to translate and certify documents you need to present to the authorities, a judge or a university.

  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Death certificate
  • Passport
  • Residence permit
  • Certificates, diplomas
  • Professional experience
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Proof of residence
  • Certificate of citizenship
  • Driver license
  • Contracts, deeds, etc.

Specialist translations
Quality line for line.

When it comes to Spanish and German, I translate in both directions. My areas of expertise: Law, medicine and SEO-optimised website translations. Your added value at lingarts: Each translation is checked by a qualified colleague in keeping with the principle of four eyes being better than two.

Understand what’s important.

The right word at the right time: I am your sworn court interpreter for German and Spanish – for your wedding, your notary appointment, court hearing or meetings with your lawyer or tax advisor.

Sandra Götz, MA

Training + experience + linguistic skill = quality

Translation, interpreting and proofreading – from a single source.

Language is our most important piece of infrastructure. It shapes what we think and what we do – both in our private and working lives. As a translator, interpreter and proofreader, I am always fascinated by what language is capable of. And how important details and nuances are when it comes to your words having the desired effect.

It’s all about the words.

From person to person.

Finding the right words also means reading between the lines and hearing the subtext. To do this, not only do you need to really love language and have a feeling for its nuances, but you also need to be properly trained and have a lot of experience. Experience is something I was able to gather during my time spent in Spain, Italy and Peru.

Specialist legal translations

At lingarts, you are putting your international communication needs in the capable hands of a qualified expert. As a court interpreter, not only can I ensure linguistic precision but also a thorough understanding of the subject-matter. My connections in professional associations also mean you have an added level of security with me.

My qualification. Your quality.

  • Certification exam to qualify as a court interpreter for German and Spanish.
  • Master’s degree in conference interpreting: German, Spanish, Italian (University of Vienna)
  • Bachelor’s degree in translation and interpreting: German, Spanish, Italian (University of Vienna)
  • Continuous professional development in my areas of expertise, e.g. inheritance law, company law, employment law, medical translations of specialist texts and patient information leaflets, etc.

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